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Entrevista a Miron Silva en Aqua Journal

Aqua Journal es la prestigiosa revista que la empresa ADA (Aqua Design Amano) publica mensualmente y que tiene suscriptores en todo el mundo.

El número 172 es un «especial» sobre el estilo Iwagumi

Y en sus páginas nos encontramos con una entrevista al maestro paisajista brasileño D. Miron Silva:

A Miron Silva tuve el placer de hacerle una entrevista que publiqué en esta misma página (entrevista).

Como participante en concursos de paisajismo obtuvo puestos excelentes:

2º puesto categoría «nanos» en el CBAP 2009

163º en el IAPLC 2009

5º en el CPA 2009

1º en categoría «mini-acuarios» del AAC 2009

4º en el AQ-ADA 2009

1º en la III edición del concurso de paisajismo de Drpez

Miron Silva, además, es miembro del GAP (Grupo de Acuariofilia Paisajista) asi como miembro del Grupo de Aquapaisagistas Brasileiros (NatureAqua).

He aquí la entrevista íntegra de la revista Aqua Journal a D. Miron Silva:

Entrevista a Miron Silva

-Your occupation, age, how many years in planted layout hobby, how many years in Iwagumi layout

I´m 21 years old and I study Law at the Federal University of  Sergipe. I´m in the planted layout hobby for almost 3 years and  about an year on the Iwagumi Layout.

-Your first impression to see Iwagumi layout (of Takashi Amano or if other aquarist, please name)

My first impression when i saw an iwagumi  layout ( it was from the Niigata Gallery by the ADA Euro Website) was a peace felling coming from the inside dominate my mind and made me desire make other people fell the same when seeing my aquariuns.

-How you collect stones, and how do you decide stone you use?


I collect Stones normally from nature, near Rivers or near to old foundations near the beach, because they used do use here Stones that looks like the ADA Seryu Stone  to do the base of the constructions.  When i look for stones, it is because i have already a layout in mind , so a search for  rocks  that  will  turn  possible  make that  aquarium that i have imagined, looking for some  specifics  characteristics such as shape and color.

-When you make a layout, is there anything you refer to?

I frequently use the nature as inspiration for making my layouts, i try to create  a scene  or a picture,  and  sometimes  in that layouts i try to use specific plant because of it color or leaf shape in order to bring the felling of achievement  and happiness  that cames when  you  over-come a challenge such as getting in the top of a mountain. 

-Iwagumi is said to be more advanced layout arrangement. Do you have any training, do you have your own tips for making a great composition?


I agree with this affirmation, and thats why I do my planted aquariums with iwagumi formation, these kind of formation is naturally more pleasant to the eyes . I´ve never had any kind of training to make iwagumi layouts, i´ve Just observed Amano´s layouts and started imagining how did He make that and how could i do that, seeing with it was possible to make it better in some how.

When I do a layout i paid attention  a lot in the balance of the Stones, distributing the Power between the rocks beacuse in my oppinion a over powered Stone is a little bit harsh to the eyes, and the aquarium is done to be appreciate as a hole thing and not Just a part of it or an element, i always try to create a flow line between the Stones in order to make your sight go for all the parts of the aquarium.My tip could be don´t over Power the focus point this can kill all the Harmonie of the layout.

-What do you care about when you make Iwagumi layout?

At first i look for Stones that have a Nice color and  shape with lots of details  and the other thing that i pay attention when doing a iwagumi is to make a flow line with this  rocks , balancing  they´re power  putting more than one rock in the focus point.I normally use the 2 focus point, one as the main one and the other one to take some power( giving it about half of attention that the main one gets, when i give more than this it will appear a negative tension between this rocks that make your sight be a little confuse when passing through the aquarium) from the main and create a flow line.


-In Japan, we have gardens with rocks and people here appreciate rock arrangements. In your conuntry, do you have such culture?  

Here in Brazil you won´t find this gardens open to public, they may exist in some people houses ( probably descents of Japaneses), this don´t take part of our general culture, is more common to observe gardens following the dutch style, sometimes the architects try to use some principles of these kind of gardens but the Stones aren´t the main point of it and the rock arrangement aren´t good at all( even tough they try to use iwagumi rock arrangements.

-When you make Iwagumi arangement, do you pay attention to Wabi-Sabi concept or Japanese culture?

I pay attention more to Japaneses culture but i try at the same time bring the felling of the wabi-sabi concept, at the beginning i was influenced by Japanese’s gardens such as Toujiin temple garden, Daitokuji temple Kohouan garden, but nowadays i follow more the influence of gardens like Toufukuji temple houbou garden, Toufukuji temple ryuuginan garden, I find it more dynamic and very useful when using iwagumi concepts to do landscapes or planted aquariums.

-What are you fascinated you about Iwagumi layout?

The capacity of bring interior peace when appreciating them and some times the quiet agitation felling that emerge in some compositions..It can be such a cold  layout  and at the same time  make you remember happy moments  of your life, it ´s like in  some  how  the stones  could  bring up the past  like a key for the  old  forgotten  memories.It´s everything so simple and at the same time so complex.

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