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Entrevista a Guillermo Barrientos en Aquajournal

La revista Aqua Journal en su número 173 publicó una entrevista al famoso paisajista chileno Guillermo Barrientos.

Muy amablemente me dio permiso para publicarla y aquí la reproduzco:

Interview with Guillermo Barrientos
by Aquajournal

Guillermo Barrientos
(Dentist, 26 years old)

I have aquariums since I was a little boy (cassual legacy of my parents), but “planted” aquariums seriously maybe 10-12 years ago ( as a plant´s obsessive colectionist .. and triying understand the correlation of factors for growth plants sucesfully without algae development). In Aquascaping still I need get more experience, but I have aprox 6 years “triying”

His favorite tropical fish are small fishes in general… but I prefer tetra neon and certain types of corydoras. About favorite water plants I love all the aquatic plants,but specially Cryptocorynes and small leaves´s stem plants.

He has only two aquariums: a small 50x30x30 (45 liters) and big 90x55x45 (223 liters)

How did you first hear of the IAPL Contest?

I don’t remember exactly, but the IAPLC contest is very popular for the quality of the event, and maybe too for the difficult in get good places(too many participants and severe judges), so, in Internet was easy find comments and links to the contest

What was your first reaction when you found out your contest ranking this year?

Happy, because is a good place, but more because analizing the result,I was the first Chilean hobbist in top 100, first hispanoparlant to this year and second “continental” place

Please tell us about your layout in this year’s contest, such as its concept, design, motif etc..

The original idea is make an aquascape only with native species, recollected by myself. About the design, the objective was get a “nature feeling”, using rocks , wood and different visual levels of elements placement

Please tell us a story “behind-the-scenes”: did you experience any difficulties or problems in the process of creating the layout?

What aspect of the layout are you most pleased with?

Really, no great difficulties for this tank; minimal normal algae in first 2-3 weeks an then, healthy vegetal growth and good development in general. Unfortunantly, for the contest the aquarium only have a 3 months and , for that reason, was not finalized for the IAPLC´s picture (in my opinion, looks better the image sent to AGA 09 , with 7 months)..
For me, was a very rich experience see the development of new and uncomoon species in captivity (for example: Litorella australis, Callitriche sp and others ) and that point was an important part of the “personal” challenge.
About the layout, I pleased with the “azarous” and wild-looking” result. In the frontal zone in particular, the substrate shows rest of wood and little twigs: that was put intentionally for get a “casual” look.

In the contest, your maintenance skill were highly evaluated. How did you acquire these techniques?

Well, I think that is a result of observation and experimentation with planted tanks in general. About the aquarium´s “health”, is fundamental to understand the correlation of the factors light, nutrients and co2: light stimulates the plant metabolism and vegetal demands for co2 and nutrients. That means in practice: more light = more co2 and nutrients and faster growth; low light = less co2 and nutrients ( Liebig´s law of “minimal factor limitant” is an important concept to explain the vegetal behaviour) Any specific deficiency can decline the quality of the result.
Light and co2 inyection will be in relationship with plant selection and general objectives

About the “ layout design”, the planification is a fundamental aspect; first the idea, second find the apropiated plants and elements.

We see a variety of water plants well-arranged in the layout composition. To what part of the plant arrangement did you pay your attention the most?

I try get an armony but a little azarous layout with all plants; no special attention for a zone in particular.

You showed us very unique and distinctive rock and drift wood arrangements. How do you usually find layout Materials? (do you purchase them through aquarium stores?)

Thanks for the comment; About the materials, i recollect them direct from the Nature (rivers, lakes, etc) during my vacation periods, because i live in the city, far of that locations.

Do you have any favorite aquascapers? If any, please tell us in what aspects you like about his/her layouts.

Today, many non-specially “known” aquascapers show to us wonderfull scapes; is difficult choice one in particular. Obviously, Amano´s work and his “Nature” style was a great inspiration for me and many aquascapers around the world. However, some greatest chilean hobbists was a “local” inspiration too, for example Gonzalo Ahumada with his work “Rasboras in the sky” (see the AGA 2007 in “large” category).
In general, I like aquascapes or even landscapes with a meticulous worked hardscape in balance with a healthy plants. The hardscape is very important, because is the soul of the layout, and the plants are important because the total visual impact depends of the colors, contrast and health of them

Please tell us about a trend in the area of aquarium hobby in your country

In Chile, the aquarium hobby is in expansion and is possible find excellent hobbist in other areas (marine aquariums, African biotopes, etc). In my case only have interest for the planted aquariums. This particular area has experimented a great development because the introduction of new species and the increase of the trade relationship with the planted aquariums, as well as the hobbist interest for this type of aquariums.

Is there any difficulties or problems of aquarium hobby particularly found in Chile? For example, it’s very hard and costly to maintain optimal water temperature inside aquariums, the number of aquatic plants available for aquarium is very limited etc…..

Aquascaping in Chile still is in development, but in the last years increases dramatically his popularity between the hobbist. The internet have a massive impact in the interest and diffusion of this art.
In my opinion, today don’t great limitations for to make good planted aquariums or even practice aquascaping seriously. The list of plants available was increases in the last years and the general implements for maintain optimal temperature or water parameters are available too.

What makes you attracted to the Nature Aquarium? Do you see any influence of the Nature Aquarium in your personal life?

The fascination for the beauty of Nature and my inclination for biological sciences. For me, this hobby is a beautyfull form of art mixed with science.
In my daily life is a instance for relax and reflection; is a “scape” of the stress and agitation.

Than you very much for this interview

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4 Respuestas a “Entrevista a Guillermo Barrientos en Aquajournal

  1. el teki 26 febrero 2010 en 17:29

    FELICIDADES. Mereces esto y mucho mas, excelentes respuestas, me ha gustado mucho la entrevista. Recibe u fuerte abrazo.

  2. Madmax 24 abril 2010 en 0:13

    Perfecto Mono… un grande del acuarismo nacional.
    un abrazo.

  3. MonoBarrientos 15 agosto 2010 en 17:12

    que onda este nuevo tipo de Spam!!

  4. Óscar Pereiro 16 agosto 2010 en 13:37

    Borrado el comentario.. Se me había colado. Gracias Guillermo

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